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The Watch & Clockmakers School of WA (WCSWA) is offering training in Watch and Clock Service and Repair. The units covered follow closely the Australian Certificate III Training Package MEM31010. WCSWA is proudly supported by the Master Clock and Watch Makers of Western Australia.

Course Lecturers

Guenter Best: Master Watchmaker; President, MCAWA (WA)
Guenter is a retired watchmaker with over 55 years experience. He is currently the pesident of the Association and has previously been involved in teaching watchmaking courses.

Nino Sardi: B App Sc (Physics); Dip Ed; Cert III Engineering - Mechanical Trades (Watchmaking); Cert IV Assessment & Training
Nino taught Physics for 33 years as well as Electronics, Chemistry and Computing. He studied watchmaking under Guenter Best and has been involved in the trade for 16 years. Currently runs his own watch and clock repair business.

Course information

Course Duration:Three Years at two semesters per year.
Next Intake Start: Now 2020
Cost: $600.00 per semester
Time: 6.00pm 9.00pm
Day: Monday
Venue: The Agonis Building, 2232B Albany Highway, Gosnells
Room: Room 36, Business Station
The Enrolment Form is available by clicking on the link below and should be forwarded with payment to WCSWA. Further information may be obtained by email or by phoning Nino on 0405 172 001.
Enrolment form

Ferris wheel clock

Ferris Wheel Clock built by MARTIN LONG an ex student and a member of our Association. For further information check out Timepiece Snippets LINK under the Latest News.

Course Overview

The course will cover all aspects of watch and clock repair: from the simple changing of a watch battery to the servicing of watch and clocks. It will also include the use of measuring equipment as well as learning how to construct useful tools. The theory behind the mechanisms of clockwork will be covered as well as technical drawings of various parts and tools. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the necessary skills to operate in the Watch and Clockmaker's trade. Students who obtain a satisfactory level of competency in this course will be offered the opportunity to engage in work experience. This will be invaluable for those who are keen to progress in this trade.

Course Outline

It is anticipated that students will complete five units each semester (at least ten units per year). The cost is $500 per semester, payable in advance. The student will receive official notification upon successfully completing each year. If a student does not attain the necessary skills in the allotted time, they will need to repeat that unit. A basic equipment list is available by clicking here. It will not be necessary to have all items on this list prior to the first session. Throughout the duration of the course, students will be able to purchase and accumulate many tools required for working in this trade.


Watch school work station

Summary of Course Content

  • Replace watch batteries, capacitors & bands
  • Perform watch movement exchange
  • Perform watch case servicing
  • Clean watch & clock components
  • Diagnose faults in quartz watches
  • Service quartz watches
  • Service complex quartz watches
  • Service mechanical watches
  • Inspect, diagnose & repair mechanical watches
  • Service watch power generating systems
  • Service calendar / dial indication mechanisms
  • Service/repair mechanical oscillating systems
  • Service/test/adjust watch escapements
  • Service mechanical chronograph watches
  • Perform precision watch timing & adjustment
  • Install & set up clocks
  • Service/repair clock timepieces
  • Service clock escapements & oscillating systems
  • Service/repair clock striking mechanisms
  • Service/repair clock chiming mechanisms
  • Restore clock mechanisms
  • Manufacture watch & clock components
  • Set up/operate watch & clock workshop


Watch school training room

Proudly supported by Master Clock and Watch Makers of Western Australia